Franklin County has strong presence at Fryeburg Fair

Leslie and Judy Smith of East Dixfield exhibited three breeds of cattle at Fryeburg Fair this year.

By Pam Harnden, Livermore Falls Advertiser

FRYEBURG — Friday Franklin County was well represented at Fryeburg Fair.

Douglas Blauvelt, owner of Lapse of Reason Farm in Farmington, could be seen in the goat play area while several of his dairy goats got some exercise. A few were more interested in getting some attention than in making their way along the wooden play structure.

In the goat barn itself, more of Blauvelt’s goats were eating hay. A Grand Champion ribbon hung on the farm sign.

Norris Smith and Cindy Kilgore of Jay had several pairs of show steers in one of the barns. Another Jay farmer, George Jones, had his steers in stalls further down. Other Franklin County farmers with steers on display were Albert Jones of Livermore Falls and the Webber Farms of New Vineyard.

Leslie and Judy Smith of East Dixfield were seen sitting in their tack area.

“Weather wise, it was a beautiful week. It was busy. We showed three breeds this year instead of two,” Judy said.

“We had lots of good help,” Leslie said.

Leslie and Judy Smith of East Dixfield exhibited three breeds of cattle at Fryeburg Fair this year.

(Pam Harnden/LFA)

Belted Galloway beef cattle owned by Randy Hall, also of East Dixfield, were seen in another barn. Proudly displayed were a banner for winning the Six Best Head class at Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts, and ribbons for Senior Champion Female and Reserve Champion Bull in the Fryeburg show.

Randy was later seen in the livestock show arena preparing for the 4-H Market Auctions. An assistant in the Fryeburg Fair livestock department, he was one of the ring men who would be watching for bidders during the auctions.

Cameran Fitch of Chesterville was spending time with his baby beef steer. His Hereford was one of eight caught in the calf scramble at the fair last year.

Lorne Grondin of Jay also sold a steer in the 80th Annual Beef Steer Sale. The Fryeburg sale is the longest continuous sale in New England.

Franklin County youth selling their animals in the market lamb auction were Kaden Lane, Nicholas Rowe and Mason Rowe of New Vineyard; Jason Bagley of Farmington; and Ava Jackson, Hailey Jackson and Dylan Jackson of Jay.

Seen in the stands for the lamb auction were James and Dee Brown of Weld and Charles and Brenda LaVerdiere of Wilton.

At Fryeburg Fair Friday morning, Kaden Lane, Nicholas Rowe and Mason Rowe of New Vineyard posed for a picture prior to the 4-H Market Lamb Auction. Seven Franklin County youth raised lambs and sold them in the auction.

(Pam Harnden/LFA)

“We got here just when the downpour started,” Brenda said.

The morning rain gave way to bright sunshine and warmer temperatures in the afternoon.

Around 1 p.m., Ross Clair of Chesterville demonstrated the ease with which a Wood-Mizer saw cut through a large log. Clair bought a Wood-Mizer in 1993 and has been an authorized dealer of the sawmills since 2001.

Later, Rodney Hall was seen talking with people in the sugarhouse. He is the eighth generation to operate Hall Farm Maple Products in East Dixfield. Maple syrup in a several containers and sizes were displayed.

Also available were a variety of products made from the syrup including maple infused balsamic vinegar, barbecue sauce, hard and soft candies, whoopie pies, cotton candy, barbecue sauce, mustard, cream and butter.

Facebook posts showed people from Franklin County also entered cooking contests, decorated the race horse barns or worked at Emily’s Restaurant. It is unknown how many others took part or visited the fair.

Belted Galloway beef animals from Pine View Farm, East Dixfield, won the Best Six Head class at Eastern States Exhibition in West Springfield, Massachusetts. At Fryeburg, Randy Hall’s animals were named Senior Champion Female and Reserve Champion Bull.

(Pam Harnden/LFA)

Douglas Blauvelt operates Lapse of Reason Farm in Farmington. Friday at Fryeburg Fair, his goat was more interested in getting attention than frisking about in the goat playpen area.

(Pam Harnden/LFA)

Ross Clair of Chesterville demonstrates how one of his Wood-mizer sawmills works for visitors at Fryeburg Fair Friday afternoon.

(Pam Harnden/LFA)

This 3-day old Holstein calf was seen with the Hardy Farm display at Fryeburg Fair. Henry and Teresa Hardy of Farmington show Ayrshire and Holstein dairy cattle at several Maine fairs.

(Pam Harnden/LFA)


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