Spruce Mountain scrambles to have some fun

Spruce Mountain golf athletes Shane Pelletier, Hunter Dalton and Dylan Gordon relax before the beginning of the Phoenix Faculty Scramble.

By Tony Blasi, Sports Editor

LIVERMORE — Playing a round of golf with her teachers made freshman Hannah Coates apprehensive, but her trepidations seemed to disappear and her confidence grew with each swing of a golf club.

Teachers and members of the Spruce Mountain golf team recently got together to for the annual Phoenix Faculty Scramble at Maple Lane Golf Club.

Students and teachers alike saw the friendly competition as a way to sneak in another round of golf before winter drapes Maine’s courses with a blanket of snow.

Spruce Mountain Middle School principal Scott Albert and Spruce Mountain High golfer Hunter Dalton were the scramble winners.

No matter how nervous Coates felt, though, it didn’t stop her from picking up a club and joining her teammates — and teachers — on the links.

“I am a little nervous since there’re my teachers,” Coates said, “because I am not really good, so I don’t want them to be like…oh she (stinks) at golf.

“Just seeing how I play today cause really I am not very consistent. I am just hoping it is one my good days.”

No worries! This was an event to have some fun.

“I have done this every year since I have been coaching,” Spruce Mountain golf coach Dianne Fenlason said. “The objective from the beginning was all about relationship building because we don’t play at home. Nobody sees us.

Spruce Mountain golf athletes Shane Pelletier, Hunter Dalton and Dylan Gordon relax before the beginning of the Phoenix Faculty Scramble.

(Tony Blasi/LFA)

“I have great kids. These are good kids. I wanted the staff to know and have those relationships because you are in social studies, but hey come out and compete with that student and you are going to see a different kid — and that build relationships even if the classroom thing isn’t working. It is a totally different ball game.

“Plus it is bragging rights. There is a lot of golfers on the staff in our school district and I thought what better to get the commaradrie between the staff and have little fun, too. It is really a fun competition, but it all about relationship building.”

And the competition certainly brought out the best between the athletes and teachers.

“You get experience and a good relationships with your teachers and staff members,” sophomore Dylan Gordon, who has been golfing for five years, said.

Senior Nate Frost just enjoys playing golf — especially against the teachers.

“That’s even more fun because I like beating them (because) I can,” Frost said with a grin. “Some of them are good. Free golf is pretty fun, too.”

Social studies teacher Kyle McLellan was a newcomer to the event.

“I just think it is a great opportunity to go out and have some fun outside the classroom with students,” McLellan said. “I enjoy golf. I am not the best golfer, but I am hoping I not to be shown up too badly by my students today.”

Spruce Mountain school nurse Jackie Kilbreth gets in the swing of things during the Phoenix Faculty Scramble at Maple Lane Golf Course in Livermore last week.

(Tony Blasi/LFA)

Spruce ed tech Jason Wyman is no newbie to the scramble.

“I did it last year and I played golf, and any chance I get to play golf, I look forward to,” Wyman said. “I don’t follow the golf team too much, but when I get to see them in person, it is always a plus in my book.”

Spruce’s Hunter Dalton rips the ball off the tee.

(Tony Blasi/LFA)

Jackie Kilbreth, Hunter Dalton and Nate Frost move on up the hill to play another hole.

(Tony Blasi/LFA)

Spruce Mountain ed tech Jason Wyman decides on his next move.

(Tony Blasi/LFA)

Haley Turcotte, coach Dianne Fenlason, Shane Pelletier and Spruce Mountain athletic director Marc Keller (hidden) head for another hole.

(Tony Blasi/LFA)

Spruce Mountain’s Hannah Coates chips the ball onto the green.

(Tony Blasi/LFA)

Maddie Labonte and special education teacher Judi Richard eye the ball during the Phoenix Faculty Scrable.

(Tony Blasi/LFA)