SMART wins Safety Award at Pine Tree Event

Members of the Spruce Mountain Area Robotics Team 3930 from Jay were presented with the Safety Award at the New England District Pine Tree Event in Lewiston on Saturday. (Courtesy photo)

Spruce Mountain Area Robotics Team 3930 advisor Daniel Lemieux submitted the following information about his team.

JAY — The Pine Tree District event was a tough competition; it just did not go our way.

We only competed against 24 of the 40 teams present during the qualifying matches. Our drive team, consisting of Sydney Shaffer, Tanna Herlihy, Melissa Bamford, Annabelle Collins, Hannah Coates, and Owen Wilkins, along with our scouting team leader, Rylee Delaney, worked hard between each match to develop strategies, but our robot’s strategy was not always compatible with our alliance partners’ robots.

Our pit crew members Drew Delaney, John Brenner, Matt Nichols, Hunter Quirrion, and wiring guru Tanna Herlihy, kept our robot going. We had a few robot issues, including a wire wrapped around one of our wheels. A problematic pneumatic electrical connection issue was solved when we soldered on a new connection.

Our programming team, including Orion Schwab, Alex Decker, and Scott Jackson, developed and deployed a new autonomous program at this competition. The program was hugely successful.

The highlights of the weekend were taking a local pre-school group on a tour around the venue, and winning a match with the Blue Crew from Farmington. Throughout the day we received a lot of congratulations on winning the Chairman’s Award at Granite State and positive feedback on our students in our program. Thank you to our parents, friends and mentors for all of your support all weekend. Great job, spirit team!

Members of the Spruce Mountain Area Robotics Team 3930 from Jay were presented with the Safety Award at the New England District Pine Tree Event in Lewiston on Saturday. (Courtesy photo)

Congratulations to Safety Captains Natalie Luce and Drew Delaney, and the rest of the team for winning the Industrial Safety Award, which pays tribute to the team that progresses beyond safety fundamentals by using innovative ways to eliminate or protect against hazards.

Congratulations to Dan Lemieux for being nominated by the team for the Woodie Flowers Award, which is presented to an outstanding mentor who best leads, inspires, teaches, and empowers their team using excellent communication skills.

Thank you to our Chairman’s Award coordinators: Celia McDonald, Acacia Fournier, Madeline Labonte, and Hannah Coates with a special shout-out to Rylee Delaney for creating the team’s chairman award video. Because the team won at Granite State they did not have to do a formal presentation at Pine Tree, but they spent all day Friday talking with judges, competing for other awards. Thank you to Chris Fournier for mentoring our award team. The team will be practicing in the next few weeks for the New England Championships presentation.

The Chairman’s Award team is responsible for researching, writing, and presenting the team’s entry for the Chairman’s Award. The entry includes eight, 500-word, short answer questions and a 10,000-word essay explaining why the team deserves the Chairman’s Award. The team was responsible for presenting to a panel of judges and for producing a three-minute video about our team.

Thank you to our Entrepreneurship team, Madison Lecowitch and Scott Jackson, for writing and presenting our business plan.

The SMART team will be attending the New England Championships in Boston April 12 – 14. It will be competing with the robot in tournament play and presenting to judges to win the New England District Industrial Safety Award and Chairman’s Award.

During the New England District Pine Tree Event held in Lewiston last weekend, members of SMART, the team from Jay, cheered from the sidelines during team matches. (Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser)